Huawei P40, we tell you the news of the new phone

Recently we saw how the South Korean Samsung made the launch of the year, the Galaxy S20 models. However, the crisis caused by the worldwide coronavirus was not an impediment for Huawei to present through a virtual conference its new cell phones: the P40, P40 Pro, and P40 Pro Plus.

Although different, the proposals of the two companies share similar characteristics. Both support 5G networks, have no holes for headphones, and have more than 3,800 milliamps of battery life.

But since what brought you to this article was your interest in knowing what’s new from Huawei, we won’t disappoint you because here we will tell you every detail of this launch.

Features of the P40, the new from Huawei

Among the highlights of the Huawei P40 is its virtual assistant, Celia, launched last year in China. In addition, an application to search for other programs that are not in the store, because you must remember that, because of the US veto Chinese phones do not have Google services. That is, they do not have YouTube, however, the manufacturer included Huawei Music and Huawei Video.

As for the cameras, you should know that the front system of the three devices is double: 32-megapixel camera, and sensor that allows the bokeh effect (blurred background). Regarding the rear cameras, these are their characteristics:

  • P40: has a triple system, one 50 mp, one 16 mp, and one 8mp.
  • P40 Pro: one 50 mp, one 40 mp, one 12 mp and bokeh sensor.
  • P40 Pro Plus: it is the same as the Pro, but has a dedicated zoom-only sensor, allowing you to take pictures at long distances and zoom in up to 100 times.

About Huawei’s launch, Sergio Ramos editor of the specialized media Social Geek, comments that:

“The ‘Pro’ stuff, which used to refer to having the latest features, is no longer the latest from brands. Now it’s ultra, max and plus, as if also in the names they want to show that there is more innovation. The latter are now more innovation and the Pro’s are in the middle.”

In addition, he also commented on P40 that:

“It is a very good mobile, but there is no substantial change. Beyond the design, you don’t see the difference with the Mate 30 Pro.”

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