Google TV arrives and hopes to revolutionize the streaming world

Google TV is going all out to compete with the major streaming platforms. The main advantage of this new option is that it is totally free, something that may make it more attractive than other alternatives.

The platform will be compatible with the Android TV operating system or can be accessed via Chromecast. At the moment it will only be available in the United States, but it is expected to be available in Latin America soon.

The timing of Google TV’s arrival is very particular, as many users are dissatisfied with Netflix’s latest moves and are looking for new, more accessible options.


What does Google TV, the new streaming platform, offer?


Google’s streaming platform so far includes more than a thousand TV channels totally free of charge. There is a wide variety of content, including sports, music, movies and series, news, among others. There will be BBC, NBC, ABC and FOX channels in addition to Pluto TV channels. The company also clarified that there will be integrated free channels that can be accessed without the need to download any type of application.

The platform will have programming in 10 languages, including Hindi, Japanese and Spanish. Users will be able to scroll through all content through a complete channel guide.

Although access to the platform will be free of charge, the content will include advertisements. However, the fact that the service is free of charge will probably be a determining factor in its being well received by the public. The platform will also allow those with a premium YouTube subscription to watch live channels through Google TV, without having to open another platform.

Smart TVs from Sony, TCL, Hisense and Philips already include Google TV, while other brands can enjoy the platform through Chromecast.


Direct competition to Netlix?


Google’s new platform seeks to compete with popular alternatives such as Netflix or Disney +. The free nature of the big search engine’s platform added to the annoyance of Netflix users may be determining factors for it to become its great competitor.

The popular content application made the decision to ban shared accounts, something very common among users. As of this decision, the account can only be used at a single address, thus eliminating the possibility of paying the subscription between two or more people. This generated quite a bit of criticism and threats of downgrading subscriptions although, at least in the United States, Netflix users increased. The same did not happen in Spain, where in only 3 months, there were more than one million casualties.

This controversial decision was compounded by a worldwide increase in tariffs, which added to the widespread discontent. The possibility of having a free streaming platform such as Google TV may mean the migration of users to this type of alternative, although it remains to be seen how this platform is received.


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