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Google Cloud to offer free courses on generative AI in December

Google ofrecerá cursos gratis sobre IA generativa en diciembre

Google will present a schedule of free courses on generative AI during the month of December. Most are completed in less than a fortnight, so they will be great for both students and busy people who don’t have a lot of free time. Of course, they are also available to unemployed people. After completing the course you will be offered badges that you can share on social networks, especially Linkedin.

Free courses on generative AI, one of the most demanded in the current professional market

On the Google Cloud blog they have mentioned the importance of taking advantage of the time (or at least suggested this) by mentioning that the Christmas vacation season is coming. To help us generate a profitable and productive time, before the arrival of 2024, the company wanted to publish its recent free courses on AI.

All the trainings they have made available to the public are free of charge. Although no fee will be charged for completing them, it is true that there will be a time limit: they can only be completed during the month of December. You will also not be required to have any previous qualifications or training in order to access the free AI courses.

What can be studied in these new Google Cloud courses?

In the free courses on generative AI you will be able to contemplate different basic fundamentals that will guide you towards what it is and what you will be able to offer with it. Subsequently, if you complete all the training they are offering, you will gain more specialized knowledge. As you can reason, these courses will be useful both for people who do not have much idea about the subject and want to get started and for those who have already gone through technical, computer and technological training.

Most of the training is video-based, which makes it a very enjoyable way to learn. To complement the audiovisual offer, they have also added reading materials and also some tests for the person who is going to take the courses to check the knowledge acquired by reading and memorizing the material provided by Google Cloud.

When you log in to Google Cloud you will find several training offers. One of the first will be “Introduction to Generative AI”. In it they will talk about how it works and what AI can bring together with Google Cloud to develop your own generative AI applications. The second course you will be offered is “Introduction to LLMs”. LLMs are also recognized as “Great Language Models”. In addition to explaining what they are, they will also talk about how they are used and how to effectively manage prompts to improve work productivity.

You will also find some introductory topics on “Generative AI Studio” and another on the responsibilities of AI in today’s world. As you can see, Google Cloud ‘s free AI courses are quite varied and bring everyone a bit of knowledge on a topic that is currently very fashionable.