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Get to know the parental monitoring tools on Instagram

The Family Center is one of the best tools parents and guardians can use to do parental monitoring on Instagram.

Since March, the tool has been available to the U.S. public initially and is expected to be enabled for virtual reality in May.

It will be launched for the rest of the world in the coming months.

This is the first step in a project the social network is developing to create intuitive monitoring tools, based on input from parents, teenagers and experts in the field.

Through the Instagram Family Center, parents will be able to monitor their children’s accounts on different Meta technologies.

Parental supervision: education for guardians and parents

  • Parental monitoring tools on Instagram will allow parents and guardians:
  • See how much time children spend browsing Instagram and thus set time limits.
  • View and receive updates from the accounts your children follow, as well as the accounts of their followers.
  • Receive notifications in case the youth reports an account on the platform.
  • The Family Center acts as an educational center, where parents and guardians will be provided with expert resources (videos, articles, tutorials, tips, etc.) on how to approach the topic with adolescents to ensure their safety and peace of mind.

Initially, in order to set up supervision, the adolescents themselves must enable supervision in the mobile app. By June of this year, the same parents will be able to do it both on the mobile app and on their computer.