Discord could add its chat to the PlayStation 5

Cross-platform gaming could take a new form with the arrival of Discord in this format. PlayStation 5 (PS5) would be adding the chat of this messaging platform for players to exchange experiences during the game. Already the messenger, which has been known to have some criticism, began providing its voice chat functionality services to Xbox owners.

The Twitter user “advaith” made public, a few days ago, about the news of the new functions of the messaging platform. Within this package of upcoming features are those that link to PlayStation. Particularly, with the ability to join Discord voice chats via the PS5 console. This information also had an impact on Reddit, through user Syhix. The leak talks about connecting a PlayStation Network account to Discord to enable voice chats and being able to show in the messenger profile what we have been playing.

Chat with Discord while playing

Of course, all good news can be controversial. Since these voice chats will only be available for PS5. This means that PS4 owners will have to continue using the chat system that is built into the console. This would complicate being able to listen to in-game audio and banter crossovers that may occur between players on the multiplatform.

For the first time, PlayStation made the announcement of a partnership with the courier in 2021. However, a year and a half after that news, there was no official release or confirmation about adding voice chat to the PS5. In any case, it is expected that by 2023 the beginning of this relationship between the platforms, which will give another life to online multiplayer games, can be confirmed.

Looking ahead to 2023

Reporter Tom Henderson has been working on this issue on the probable date that this union will materially occur. Among the most valid of the leaks, as reported by Henderson, is that the PS5 will feature a removable disk drive. The journalist has been pointing out that the integration between the two platforms will not happen until Discord carries out an update of the system, which is scheduled for March 2023. This leads to infer that we are looking at an extended period of time until we are in front of the joint use of voice chat on the PS5.

For many, better late than never applies to the arrival of Discord on the PlayStation 5. More and more games, such as Fortnite or Overwatch 2, are adopting cross-play. This involves third-party voice chat clients, for those who surely already have some account, with official integration on both next-gen consoles will be more and more useful. Lovers of this type of cross-platform gaming will be thankful when the link between Discord and PS5 is given, when it finally ends up being confirmed.