Curiosities of Facebook that every successful entrepreneur should know

Despite being considered the most influential social network of recent times, the various curiosities of Facebook point out how it has not been exempt from suffering major setbacks. News recently broke that founder Mark Zuckerberg had lost a total of $70 million in just one year. Despite this, none of its recent setbacks continue to detract from its position as the world leader in web marketing.

Starting a business is therefore no easy task, but as you can learn from Zuckerberg’s own story, getting ahead is always possible, so knowing the various economic advantages of Facebook is a very important achievement. This article summarizes all the tools

Optimizing the user experience: Facebook curiosities for entrepreneurs.

Some of the world’s largest content companies such as Spotify, Netflix and Starbucks have managed to carve an important space within the consumer public thanks to their different innovation techniques regarding the use of Facebook. However, when it comes to new launches, the excessive desire to sell could be a serious disadvantage.

Any sales page that has a high publication rate could suffer a drop in popularity. Contrary to popular belief, Facebook favors companies that show users as little content as possible. It is therefore recommended that the number of monthly publications should be approximately 6 to 15 posts, which is equivalent to an average of 90 clicks for each one of them.

Optimization of the contents for the Fan Page: Different ways of accessibility that Facebook can obtain.

Today’s user is so unpredictable that the use of the computer for profile review has been conspicuously relegated. It is estimated that 90% of current consumers access their account by using the different apps available. Quantitatively, this means that out of a total of 1.23 billion users, 1.15 million use mobile access. Any web company whose content is not optimized for any platform will inevitably decline.

Another of the most important curiosities of Facebook is its use with respect to other entrepreneurs, an aspect on which statistics point out that since 2016, such audience has increased by 26%. One of the best ways to publish professional articles is through Facebook Instant Articles (FIA), through which such content can be indexed on the web 10 times faster than usual.

Facebook and its different age demographic segments: How can you profit from them?

Depending on the product to be marketed, it is important to know that there are certain generational delimitations that mark Facebook as a usable channel according to. Of the last three generations studied that make up the market, it is known that the so-called Baby Boomers, or those born between the mid-1930s and mid-1960s, consider it to be their main means of social communication. Its level of acceptance is 65%.

For other demographic segments, such as Generation X, utilization is often much higher. Basically, this is where this platform reaches its highest level of users, a reality conditioned by the fact that most of these people currently hold important jobs. With respect to millennials, there is talk that its use is declining notably. Only 33% support it, opting for other options.

Final Notes: Other important tips for the effective implementation of marketing campaigns through Facebook.

It goes without saying that the use of Facebook for product promotion is not recommended for any company. There are only three types of campaigns that really have guaranteed results for this type of sales, if and only if every entrepreneur is able to fully measure and identify their objectives. This is how the “likes campaigns” occupy the first place, totally indicated for emerging companies, and whose mechanism is to automatically provide your page to a certain user and thus increase the effect of trust and credibility.

Positioning and conversion campaigns are also an important part of the various Facebook curiosities available to the market. Each of which is utilitarian when the company is developed and serves as a basis for an image that is to be maintained. This is achieved through the formation and establishment of leads or unit profiles that encourage the propagation of future sales.

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