Coca-Cola introduced byte- and pixel-flavored soft drink

The Atlanta-based multinational soft drink company announced a limited edition Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte. The flavor, as reported by the company, was born with the “metaverse”. To this, it should be added that it was inspired by the pixels that make the gaming experience possible.

The can of the well-known cola brand, in this case sugar-free, is purple and has a retro design. In addition to this, there is a phrase on the side: “recycle me to play again”. It also has a series of decorations, in the form of cubes that simulate pixels.

Coca-Cola introduced byte- and pixel-flavored soft drink

An exotic Coca-Cola

The taste of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte leaves much to be desired. Many users, called by the model, ended up leaving the drink unfinished because of its unpleasant taste. The description of the sensation produced when drinking points to the cloying.

The soft drink is not bitter, but neither is it bright on the palate. Although the “tasters” point to there being a flavor there, no one could describe it with a word used in other foods. Some palates, in relation to this technological soda, have expressed a vague fruity “pomegranate” style drink, or as others defined cough syrup.

Coca-Cola’s initiative, although it moved away from the flavor, maintains its characteristic effervescence. Another initiative that came out of this “tech soda” was that of an energy drink look-alike. However, the vast majority have been disappointed with this initiative by the U.S. soft drink company.