Apple reported shipment delays due to Covid restrictions

The people of Cupertino are concerned about the delays they continue to face due to restrictions caused by the coronavirus. Apple has again reported that, in the face of Covid’ s restrictions at the Foxconn plant. The reduced operation at the China plant prompted the technology company to warn customers about increased wait times. The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone Pro Max will be shipped with delays due to production disruptions at the Zhengzhou assembly plant.

In its statement, Apple reported that “the facility is currently operating at significantly reduced capacity.” To this it was also added that “customers will experience longer waiting times to receive their new products”. According to information handled by Reuters, the production of iPhones fell by up to 30 percent in October. This was due to Covid’s restrictions on one of Apple’s most important assembly plants in China.

Some 200,000 people work at the factory in Zhengzhou, in the center of the Asian country. In an attempt to prevent the spread of Covid-19, measures had to be taken that were intertwined with the flight of many workers. Taiwanese-owned Foxconn, which is the largest iPhone manufacturer, is looking to resume production at this plant. However, in view of the various restrictions imposed by the Chinese authorities, it revised downward its fourth-quarter guidance.

Apple’s problems due to delays

The impact on production comes at a time that is traditionally very busy for manufacturing issues. Due to the Christmas holidays or model changes, the production order is increased. China’s continuing coronavirus problem will force Apple to put its face on delivery delays.

The 415 square kilometers that make up the industrial park in the Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone are looking to return to business as usual. The plant is under what is called the lowest “static management” blockage level in China. The second part of November was expected to return to a certain normality, but all indications are that delays will not be avoided.

A pandemic that still has a lingering aftereffect

One of the last communiqués on the activity of the residents in the area made it clear that they could not leave their homes. In the same way, they had to undergo a daily PCR test. In addition, public transportation services were suspended and only approved vehicles can circulate. Other measures taken included the closure of offices, businesses and services considered non-essential.

Zhengzhou, a city of nearly 13 million people, is struggling to contain a resurgence and keep its economy stable. Violation of the imposed rules would be “dealt with severely” by the local police. The authorities urged cooperation to “achieve victory in the district’s fight against the pandemic”. The delays Apple will suffer in shipments of its iPhone models are also linked to the isolation of nearby cities to prevent the spread of the virus.