Can old devices take us back in time?

Will old devices allow us to take a trip back in time? Many long for that friendly, simple and more organically intriguing Internet. Old equipment, which still works, can take us back to those times that are being longed for. The question of whether an online world could ever have been absolutely “real” is still lingering.

The longing for times past and the notion that they have always “been better” are an evocation of a world that no longer exists. Writing with a “Bic” without a lid while cooking rice, are temperances of other times. The static-filled screens on our laptop, the entire room wired for Internet access, are moments of the old devices. There we can begin to feel that we have traveled back in time, even though we are still in the 21st century.

The old Lotus spreadsheets and the new word processors can take us back to times that today can be considered “prehistoric”. Many laptops, dating back to the beginning of the century, are still working, although they give the impression that the so-called “programmed obsolescence” has already caught up with them. When getting such equipment we need not worry about the serial number or other details that may be of interest for tracking purposes.

What the old devices offer us

Older equipment offers, as a first change, a totally different sharpness and dullness than current equipment. Pixelation is attenuated by the brightness of the screen, but it is a trademark of the time. The Internet connection still works, but it gives us some complications or takes us back to the classic dial-up “sonidito”. These old-fashioned looks allow us to travel back in time and feel that we have returned to our childhood, adolescence or first contacts with the cyber world.

While many specialists point out that we cannot travel to the past, but we can travel to the future, this retro situation allows us an imaginary trip to another reality. In addition, by traveling without traveling, we will not have those physical changes that have supposedly been confirmed to occur. Scientific advances have generated models of possible events if one travels in time, but nothing that can be verified with the utmost certainty.

A different world

Having a moment to return to the past and take us out of the daily maelstrom is very positive. Of course, for new technology, equipment that is more than ten years old can also cause us some complications. Not only from the point of view of the difference in work criteria or Internet connection protocols. We are also talking about equipment that “moves” to other times. It’s as if we were using a typewriter, it would be going back to the early part of the 20th century. This situation will allow us to recognize the great leap in technology in just a decade.

Going back to the past is only possible in our dreams or, as when we find, some antiquated element that takes us to other years. This approach to old devices allows us to recall years when technological advances were slower. It has not yet been possible to prove that we travel in time. However, these situations take us, in our memory, back to old experiences.