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Apple presented its new devices with great news

The new iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series devices were presented by the Cupertino company. A mega simulcast event for the entire world took place last Thursday. All eyes of the fans, especially those dedicated to technology and the specialized press, were on the lookout for surprises outside the leaks of the last few weeks. Apple continues to delight its audience, but it has also left several doubts for those who are not completely convinced by the smartphones from the company of the bitten apple.

One of the highlights of the new iPhone 14 is the always-on display. This seems to be dedicated for notification junkies, to be 24 hours connected. For the time being, only the “pro” models will feature the latest model of the A16 Bionic chip. Despite this novelty, Apple’s device will feature power savings by lowering the ultra-low refresh rate to just 1Hz. This will dim the display, allowing updates to continue to be delivered to a low-power coprocessor. It will serve the time, widgets and notification requirements up to date, even when the device is in sleep mode.

Apple and its projection into the future

These new models of the people of Cupertino have replaced that “notch” that knew how to count the front cameras of the devices from the iPhone X onwards.

In this new update, there will be a “dynamic island” with a pill shape where the cameras will be contained. Meanwhile, the sensor that deactivates the inputs has been moved below the screen. The “black spot” will also be added as a new notification style, allowing background applications, such as transport services or voice recorders, to keep information on screen for the user.

The big shock for users is that all of these new features will not be part of the firm’s base iPhone 14. Its big brother is the iPhone Plus, but this recently introduced device has had a smooth upgrade compared to other previous models. In addition to this, as a criticism that has been given in social networks, a display of the device very similar to the previous year, both in colors and in the A15 Bionic chip, which equips the iPhone 13. The biggest new feature, for all iPhone 14 models, is its new hardware feature, with emergency notifications via SOS.

A more sensory Watch

The new model of this device from Cupertino has added, for the first time, a temperature sensor. In addition, this option makes it possible to offer ovulation detection as part of a female period follow-up. For this Series 8 model of the Watch, a lot of emphasis has been placed on the sensors. Care has also been taken with regard to data privacy. This new line of hardware is aimed at marathon runners, divers and hikers.