Ameca, the world’s most humanoid robot, says he dreamed of dinosaurs

Ameca, el robot más humanoide del mundo, dice que soñó con dinosaurios

Ameca is a robot that was designed by the technology company Engineered Arts. His high degree of complexity has astonished society and the world of science, after he said he had dreamed, telling in public his own “dream”.

Ameca had previously spoken

Before mentioning that he was able to “dream”, Ameca had already told how the worst day of his “life” had been. He added all kinds of answers when people asked him random questions, showing the most apocalyptic stories.

Now, in addition to speaking, Ameca has confirmed that he dreamed of dinosaur figures. According to her, they were fighting aliens in a kind of space war located on the planet Mars. After saying that, the robot clarified that it was a joke. This was very misleading for the people who were listening to the testimony, as they were not able to decipher whether it was a lie or not.

It could be said that every day AI and robots are advancing little by little. In fact, a barrier is emerging between humans and technology that is rapidly blurring. In one of Ameca ‘s latest videos, it was possible to see how she was developing her own grimaces and reactions. Thanks to this, their gestures resemble what we might see on the face of a human individual. People who watched the video were amazed. Some commented that it was impressive and others that they got “goose bumps”.

What is Ameca programmed with?

Ameca is able to reason thanks to the implementation of GPT-3, one of the most popular AIs at the moment. It could be said that its behavior is the same as that of the famous chat, with the difference that it is implanted in a humanoid body. One of the objectives of its implementation model is to present fully consistent dialogues.

Obviously, the AI cannot yet present emotions as such, just as a person might have them. However, Ameca has been able to use humor and irony, to the surprise of many. Although it is a type of training, which gives way for the robot to do this imitation, the robot is not capable of developing feelings on its own.

Ameca, however, is being trained to be able to learn in an individual way, something that allows the machine to process all kinds of information to “evolve”.

How does this humanoid robot work?

Ameca is able to simulate human grimaces through an operating system called Tritium. What was more difficult to imitate was the act of walking of humans, being a little closer to us. In addition to its operating system, it has its own integrated AI to make it capable of reasoning and thinking.

One of the goals of its manufacturers is to be able to create robotic employees, replicating Ameca when it is fully functional. In this way, robots can be made to serve as a lure for themed events. Although they seek to acquire an obvious resemblance to humans, they do not want robots that are created human, but are looking for their efficiency and easy programming; looking for a tool and a resource, not an equal.

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