Algorithm shows that Twitter harms news quality

Currently, social networks are very influential and the management of information is not adequate, as shown by an algorithm. Twitter, for example, is in the eye of the storm after the collapse of its sale to Elon Musk, and continues to add bad news. Now, a program has shown that the tweets that are produced are found to be detrimental to the quality of the news.

Algorithm shows that Twitter harms news qualityResearchers at the Center for Economic and Policy Research have discovered the influence of the content generated on Twitter on its users. The study posits that tweets and editorial decisions are good business but detrimental to readers. Currently, this social network is an important source of news. In view of this, there is an increase in the value of Twitter as a reference point for the media due to the number of journalists on the network.

The algorithm and the problems

By building an algorithm, the researchers were able to identify news in social networks, as well as in traditional media, which are known as “joint events”. This tool was used to search for documents with similar language or with some “semantic similarity”. Ninety-seven percent of “joint events,” the researchers found, originate on Twitter.

The discovery, through the algorithm designed, allowed to know that a tweet is more viral, the more articles are written about the event in question. Twitter has enormous influence in relation to the media. Particularly, in those that have very good advertising revenues, through this social network.