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Wontech, the Spanish “ICT Amazon” that leads Europe

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Escrito por Carlos Matias

Spanish technology consultancy Wontech Business Brokers is the only one in Europe that provides free advice to companies. It is “the Amazon of ICT”; it offers business opportunities at a single “click“.

Wontech breaks the mold because its business model is unprecedented and no one has been able to emulate it to date. In less than three years of existence, it has become the leading ICT consultancy in Europe.

This Spanish consulting firm handles hundreds of queries from its “user companies” and incorporates at least one new one every day. More than a thousand have already required its services in the little more than seven hundred working days that it has been operating in these three years.

The company was created in April 2016, in Barcelona, by José Luis Pérez and Josep Carilla, who came from the UK-based Luxembourg operator COLT Technology Services.

Today, Wontech is headquartered in Badalona (Barcelona) and has offices in Madrid, Paris (France), Turin (Italy) and Dusseldorf (Germany).

Wontech, the Spanish

Wontech, the Spanish “ICT Amazon” that leads Europe

ICT consulting at no cost

Wontech provides companies with
information and ICT consulting
free of charge. How can such gratuity be possible?

The answer to this question is the following: the Wontech team works with more than seventy sponsors specialized in New Technologies. When a company requests technology support, Wontech assigns a consultant, who assesses, helps plan the technology transformation project and provides support.

In this way, once the company’s requirements and priorities have been established, Wontech searches for the right supplier among its sponsors.

Thus, the model allows us to offer neutral and disinterested consulting, based on objectives and solutions. Consequently, Wontech provides all companies with the necessary support and tools to better compete.

The company handles hundreds of inquiries each month, ranging from technology-related inquiries to large RFP (Request For Proposal ) coordination.

Wontech connects companies with suppliers

Wontech seeks to achieve the objectives of its “user-clients” in the most efficient way. It has a platform for its ‘sponsor’ suppliers. It publishes the solution requirements and the profile of the “user” companies and the suppliers are offered for each job.

In order for the ‘sponsors’ to focus on the objectives of the “users”, the name of the “client company” is never included, nor any other data. Wontech contacts Wontech, which must authorize the sponsor‘s application.

Once the assignment is confirmed, Wontech delivers the requirements in writing to the parties involved and holds a meeting with them to formalize the delivery of the project.

“Democratization” of ICT

Many companies find it difficult to adapt to technological evolution. Therefore, Wontech ‘s goal is to make ICT available to all of them, regardless of their size and type of economic activity. For example, its clients include large multinationals and small companies. The consulting firm becomes an extension of these companies and clients receive immediate access to unlimited, proven and neutral technological expertise.

The result is that Wontech enables companies to shorten adoption cycles for new technologies and provides IT/ICT providers with an innovative channel through which to acquire new customers. The goal is to be “the Amazon of ICT”: to offer business opportunities at a “click“.

Wontech, at the 5th “Startup Olé” of Salamanca

Wontech has become, in record time, an ICT consulting firm of international reference. For this reason, it has been invited to participate in the fifth edition of Startup Olé”, one of the most important startup and technological entrepreneurship congresses in Europe.

Startup Olé 2019″ will bring together in Salamanca the most innovative technology companies in the world, during March 26, 27 and 28. More than thirty thousand people from one hundred and twenty countries will attend; eight hundred and fifty startups; more than five hundred speakers and more than two hundred and fifty investors and large companies, willing to bet on the startups presented.

In short, in these three days of March, more than fifty billion euros of technological investment will be made in Salamanca.

Wontech Business Brokers will bring a large part of its technical team to Salamanca and will share space with some of the most promising startups in the world.


(*) Carlos Matías is editor of and publishes this post for the agency
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