Vision Pro App store to include iPhone and iPad apps by default

The Vision Pro App Store will have all compatible iPad and iPhone apps available by default. This new Store will be available in its beta version for developers next fall.

In this way, Vision Pro headsets will be able to have visionOS apps along with iPad and iPhone compatible apps. As announced by the company, the new virtual reality operating system will have compatibility with iPadOS and iOS applications in a simple way. No extra adaptation or modification will be required to use these applications on Apple’s virtual reality glasses.


Developers can test the VisionOS kit


The news about the availability of Apple applications on virtual reality glasses will undoubtedly delight those interested in acquiring them. The revolutionary Vision Pro will then, in principle, have thousands of applications available for testing and introduction to virtual reality. This means that all iPhone and iPad applications will be able to run without any modifications. This will also be useful with Apple’s device synchronization features, something that will surely also be used with Vision Pro.

Apple also offers developers the so-called visionOS software development kit. Since July of this year, interested parties have been able to apply for access to this kit and have the possibility of creating applications compatible with this operating system.

The fact that it is not required to adapt the applications, or at least, those of iPhone and iPad to these lenses makes them a more interesting product for users and more accessible, not in terms of price but in use. Virtual reality and augmented reality seem out of reach for users. The possibility that they can use the applications in their daily lives transforms this product into something more real and closer to people.


High levels of satisfaction among first-time Vision Pro users


The anticipation for the launch of the Apple Vision Pro is growing with the ratings given by early adopters. Many of them are developers and have rated Vision Pro with high satisfaction ratings. According to statements by Susan Prescott, vice president of worldwide developer relations, customer satisfaction ratings from these users are in the triple digits. On the other hand, Steve Sinclair, senior director of marketing, highlighted the large number of downloads of the Apple Vision Pro development tools, which shows the interest generated by the new product.

According to Sinclair, one thing that influenced the momentum of the lenses and showed their potential were events where the uses of the lenses could be demonstrated. After the launch of the Vision Pro at WWDC 2023 there were different moments to test the lenses and see their potential. Sinclair stated that these demonstrations inspire developers to create their own experiences.

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