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Unusual professions that technology will demand in Spanish society by 2030

According to data provided by a recent study by the European University of Madrid, a total of 62% of children entering school today will go on to careers that have not yet been invented. This should come as no surprise given the background technology in society has already made its presence felt.

Despite the current labor crisis, innovation still seems to be the key to solving multiple problems. The introduction of new technologies, while threatening some 2,000 billion jobs worldwide, will also be able to surprise us with new fields. This article will analyze the future jobs that are expected to exist in Spain at the dawn of the next decade.

Drone Operator: A true manager of technology in society.

Given their increasing capacity to adapt to different economic and industrial environments, the need for personnel to regulate the different airways that will be optimized for these devices will be a growing demand. Some companies, especially those related to the logistics environment, will be important examples of this.

Textile designer for 3D printing.

Up to this point, 3D printers have only appeared in the medical field. However, through the versatility of raw materials, it will now be possible for the clothing of the future to be manufactured through this process, so that many companies can take advantage of the creativity of many digital professionals.


While for most of our lives, the surgeon has been present during interventions. By the year 2030, Spain will undoubtedly witness an increasing number of medical professionals being able to operate on your patience from miles away. Either in their own homes or carrying out other activities of a markedly social nature.

Dream Designer

It is a profession consisting of the reprogramming of brain neuronal activity during sleep hours for better quality of life. Through this type of mechanics it will be possible to insert memories in the memory of the patients treated, such as having visited the American continent without even having moved from their armchair.

Avatar Programmer.

Along with the incorporation of technology in society, more and more aspects will be aligned with robotics in general. The use of holograms will become more and more essential, so there will be many requests from companies that require professionals in charge of the control of digital automatons in an increasingly efficient way.

Water Transitionist

Natural resources will not be left aside in a society that depends more and more on them, in this way, the transactionist will be in charge of following in real time the supply routes of the vital liquid to the important cities of Spain. The virtualization of hydrological systems will also make it possible for such work to be performed in a remote-controlled environment.

Final Notes: The crisis seen as a transformative element of the labor market.

Since the rise of the industrial revolution itself, it has been evident how the overthrow of a certain system of work is followed by an important renewal of the way in which man uses technology for his well-being. The current labor crisis must be framed within this framework of belligerent changes in our history.

As technology in society gains an increasing number of followers for its globalization within the labor market, many careers will be created. Universe within which the current declines of the national economy will remain only remote memories of the preceding decades of the past.

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