Ufo-Social and the reasons why it is one of the most sought-after social networking sites

For a world in which leisure and entertainment play an increasingly important role, the advent of curious social networks has provided an excellent alternative for recreation. Ufo Social has become an excellent example of this in recent years. Created with the firm purpose of putting in contact all the lovers and fans of aliens.

By means of a brief registration in its platform, you will be able to access a whole universe of experiences, photographs and unpublished videos of each of the vestiges left by extraterrestrials in their passage through our world. Each of which will constitute the definitive evidence that we humans are not really alone in the universe.

Meet Ufo Social’s Forochat: Main tool for curious social networks.

Ufo social provides an amazing information experience for each of its new users and members. Initially created by the famous programmer and ufologist James Ward, as a hobby, today it has become a platform capable of bringing together people from different countries around the world, all lovers of the subject. Its platform has a series of tabs and menus that you can access efficiently.

Through the Forum menu, you will be able to access three important options, through which you will be able to make autonomous publications, receive messages from other users, as well as invite your friends to be part of it. Its portal is only available in four different languages, Spanish, German, English and French.

How do I register with UFO social? Steps to create my own user on the web.

As a previous step to this exciting encounter with paranormal activity, as a new user you must enter your personal data through the my profile tab, along with your password and username. Once inside, it won’t be easy for you to notice that our world is not exactly as you imagined it.

With the ease of carrying it with you wherever you want, Ufo Social is also one of the curious social networks that can be downloaded as a lightweight App compatible for Android phones, through portals such as ApkPure. Its latest available version is the edition nr. 1.6.

Paranormal Sightings Map: What is it and what are its different multimedia advantages?

This ingenious new application also has an electronic alien activity viewer which displays in real time, the different points and places of encounter of unidentified flying targets. A large part of its territory includes the European, Asian and North American continents.

Some of the regions most frequented by such sightings have been New York, Mexico City, Australia and several European metropolises. In their accounts, witnesses claim to have taken part in different types of encounters. From sightings of lights in the sky, to true abductions and space abductions that will convince even the most skeptical reader.

Final notes: The importance of social networks for the consolidation of ufological sciences.

Although this is not the first effort to use curious social networks in favor of paranormal phenomena, it is possible to affirm that Ufo Social has managed to position itself in its market, opening an excellent opportunity for researchers and supporters of ufology to raise their voices.

The renowned Spanish journalist Iker Jimenez Elizariin his book History of ONIS in Spain The author has shown that this phenomenon is not a recent invention, using a solid documented investigation of all the sightings that occurred in the 19th century, making it clear that the history of ufology has only just begun.

Image courtesy of Richard Ochagavía (Taringa.net) all rights reserved.

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