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Tinder Lite consumes less data Swipe right, you’re going to love this!

The most famous dating app has developed a new version that consumes less data and takes up 25 times less space than its main app, we are talking about Tinder Lite.

The new version will initially be released in Vietnam and only for Android devices over the next few weeks. Such has been its success that around 58 million people confirm that it is one of the most used daily. However, they also claim that it is one of the most data and battery consuming apps.

Tinder Lite, is designed with a very clear objective as announced in May by the company in a statement, indicating that they were preparing a new version aimed at developing countries such as India and the rest of the Asian market:

“Being able to improve performance in emerging areas where data access is limited and mobile application usage is more costly.”

Tinder Lite No more excuses for not meeting new people!

Yes, it has been proven that Tinder is one of the most data and battery consuming applications and everything has a reason to be. Its constant geolocation function, which is necessary to refresh data on people who are nearby, means that those who use it must be looking for places to charge their cell phones.

However, the solution is coming for those die-hard followers of the social network and for those who are about to embark on the dating world, thanks to the new version.

Tinder Lite, will be launched on Play Store in Vietnam in a very short time, however, it is expected to quickly reach Southeast Asia and South America. In addition, your users will be able to use the same account they use on Tinder if they wish to access this version. Tinder Plus and Gold subscribers will also be able to do so, although for now it is not possible to upgrade the application.

For his part, Tinder CEO Elie Seidman assures that:

“As the world becomes more connected, it is essential that Tinder delivers on its core value: giving users around the world the opportunity to meet new people.”

Tinder Lite joins the catalog of apps that have been launched as reduced consumption versions, such as Google Go, Facebook Lite, Spotify Lite, among others, in order to enter emerging markets in developing countries. Countries in which people have smartphones that are generally in the budget range and their limitations in memory, storage space or battery are obvious.

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