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TikTok Music: a new app?

TikTok Music is the name of the new project of the popular social network with which it plans to compete with Apple and Spotify. The interesting thing about this project is that it will be integrated to the original application and can be used from there, although it will be a different platform.

The social network of Chinese origin continues to offer new options to keep up to date and continue to set trends. Although the new project is in beta phase for now, TikTok users in some countries are being invited to test the new platform. It will probably soon be available in its final phase.

What does the new TikTok Music project consist of?

It is a subscription-based music streaming service that will also be integrated with the original application. Through the TikTok account, users will be able to listen to and download music, as well as share it with their contacts. By selecting a song, they will be redirected to the full version of the TikTok Music platform, which will be formatted similarly to the short video application.

The songs that will be available will be from major record companies such as Warner Music, Universal and also Sony Music. With respect to Warner, it should be added that they signed a partnership agreement with TikTok. The agreement will expand revenue and marketing opportunities for artists, who will have access to new ways of working with TikTok. The partnership between the two licenses Warner Music songs to the social network, the new TikTok Music platform, CapCut and TikTok’s commercial music library.

The main objective of TikTok Music is to compete directly with Apple Music and Spotify, although, being an application that is still in the testing phase, we have to wait for its final version.

In which countries is the new TikTok application already available?

The TikTok Music beta application is currently in beta testing and was launched in three countries: Australia, Singapore and Mexico. Prior to that, the beta application was available in Brazil and Indonesia. In these countries, TikTok users were invited to participate in the test and download the beta version so that they can listen to and download songs.

The main question has to do with what will happen with the application in the United States. It should be remembered that the so-called TikTok Law, which could prohibit the use of the Chinese application in the country, is under discussion. For the time being, an application to patent TikTok Music was filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last May.

TikTok users who want to test the beta version will have the application available for free for three months. When the final TikTok Music app is released, the monthly subscription will cost between $7 to $8. This rate differs from country to country. In Mexico, for example, it will cost 115 pesos or US$6.86, while in Singapore it will cost US$7.48.