Ring Nation’ an unstoppable idea with Amazon involved

The reality show Ring Nation, which has Amazon behind it, received a letter from viewers asking it to be cancelled before its release. Although the idea of it seems terrible, it has the backing of a company that owns Ring, MGM and the production company Big Fish Entertainment, we are talking about Amazon. All this, together with the relevant political contacts, suggests that nothing can prevent the program from seeing the light of day. The initiative is due to the fact that former NSA employee and comedian Wanda Sykes is on staff.

She shall submit humorous surveillance footage captured by the Ring doorbell cameras. The voices that have been raised point out that, from the studio and the production company, the Amazon Ring surveillance camera network has been dangerously promoted. This, along with the Neighbours app, does nothing more than “violate basic privacy rights,” say the people who have called for the program’s cancellation.

In addition, it is understood that surveillance is being fueled by disproportionate. Those who raised the note fear for the safety of “people of color” and a possible threat to those seeking abortions. Reality TV has been pointed out as a potential for surveillance of neighbors and racial profiling of passersby.

Ring Nation’s good back

All the good intentions of the people have a small drawback, which is Amazon. This company owns the program, its production company and its distribution company, as well as the Prime Video service to broadcast it. In addition, he has an extensive network of contacts in thousands of police departments throughout the United States, should his services be required.

With all this all-encompassing vertical, one senses that Ring Nation is designed from the ground up to take advantage of Amazon’s unabridged monopoly. On this basis, it will be possible to promote this proprietary product among the Americans; in addition, they will feel that it will be impossible to “kill”. There is very little chance that MGM executives could turn down the project. Particularly, being the kind of thing Amazon envisioned being able to do when it shelled out some $8.5 billion in the merger with MGM earlier this year.

Backing as the main focus

At the time of the analysis of the situation, a fifth column appears that promotes the reality show project. At some point in the article the subject was touched upon, but it counts as an essential part of the project. We are talking about the relationship between Amazon and the police to carry out Ring Nation. The Motherboard website was able to report on the different alliances that were forged to carry out this project, which requires a culture of paranoia about crime in the American suburbs.

Big Fish Entertainment, Ring Nation’s production company, had a lot of publicity with the Live PD program. It aired live police footage and commentary before being cancelled in 2020, following the murder of Georgd Floyd. Big Fish was acquired by MGM in 2018, this allows us to recognize that Amazon also has part ownership in this company.