New Whatsapp feature promises an end to ghost groups

The latest beta version of Whatsapp for iPhone includes a feature that will solve a problem for many and that is the accumulation of ghost groups on devices. There are many Whatsapp groups that are created for a specific purpose and become obsolete once the purpose for which they were created has been fulfilled. Until now, such groups could not be deleted, and members had to leave each group manually if they wished to do so.

This new feature promises to change this, as it will allow to set an expiration date for the groups, either one day, one week or a date of the user’s choice.

Whatsapp groups are a widely used tool that is often used to organize a specific event or celebration. After this event, the group no longer serves any function but continues to occupy memory space and joins other ghost groups created previously.

The ability to expire groups will then help users free up storage space on the device, as not only is the group deleted but also the files that were shared.


What will happen when the expiration date for Whatsapp groups arrives?

The new feature offered by Whatsapp will not automatically delete groups, but will remind the user to clean up groups that have reached their expiration date, to avoid deleting information erroneously. As this feature is still under development, it is not yet known exactly how this will be implemented.

According to WaBetaInfo, who broke the news, the new feature will only work with the person who set the expiration date, so the other members of the group will continue to be part of the group.

The truth is that it is a function that will facilitate the management and elimination of ghost groups for those who wish to do so, as well as the cleaning of the memory of information that is no longer useful. Whatsapp has also contemplated with this function the possibility of modifying the previously established expiration date, in case you need to extend the expiration of a group. The option to set the expiration date of the group or to modify it will be found in the options of each group and the group can be set to expire on a day, a week or on a date to be determined by the user.


What will be the other new features of Whatsapp by 2023?

The new function to clean ghost groups in Whatsapp will undoubtedly be highly anticipated by users and adds to the new features that the social network will have during 2023, many of them aimed at making the user experience easier. While the date has not yet been specified, the following features are expected to be included to Whatsapp during this year:

  • Adding audio notes to statuses
  • Transfer stored chats without using Google Drive
  • Edit sent messages in conversations
  • Lock screen in Whatsapp desktop application
  • Possibility to block contacts directly from notifications
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