Llama 2, another ChatGPT competitor, this time from Meta

Llama 2 will be another direct competitor to ChatGPT, this time from Meta. It seems that the popular response bot has set the agenda and allowed the arrival of competitors that are competing for the popularity achieved by this artificial intelligence.

The case of Llama 2 is particular, as it originates from the collaboration between Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta company and Microsoft. It is a language model that comes from Llama, the first version that was very well accepted. The main difference between Llama 2 and the rest of the existing language models is that it is open source. GPT-4 and PaLM 2 are closed source.


What are the features of Llama 2, the Meta language model?


According to Meta’s promise, this language model will be able to generate texts in 27 languages or more. The fact that it is open source makes it more interesting, since it can be used for commercial or research purposes. In this way, other companies will have the opportunity to experiment and innovate in different ways. In contrast, both Google and OpenAI have not provided details about the language models on which they base their artificial intelligence.

In addition to the collaboration between Meta and Microsoft on this language model, there is also a partnership with Azure. The latter is Microsoft’s cloud services platform and its customers will be able to access Llama 2 for the creation of applications. It should be noted that this is not the only option to obtain the language model, as it can also be freely downloaded. Through Azure you will be able to obtain configurations specially designed to work with large language models.

It is noteworthy that Llama 2 has also been adapted to run on Windows, which opens up endless opportunities for developers to create applications based on it.

Llama 2 offers three different pre-trained model sizes: a 7 billion, a 13 billion and finally a 70 billion parameter model.


Will it be a direct competitor of ChatGPT?


The fact that Llama 2 is open source means that it can be used to develop similar or better alternatives to ChatGPT. It will surely be empowered by the developer community, so expect to see tools that compete directly with ChatGPT.

There is no doubt that OpenAI’s conversational bot has accelerated the plans of all companies in relation to artificial intelligence. With respect to this, the goal of Meta and Microsoft together is to have a place within the developer community and not to be left too far behind in the artificial intelligence race.

It will not be the only development in this regard, as Elon Musk is also developing his own artificial intelligence-based language model called xAI.

There is no doubt that ChatGPT will sooner or later have direct competitors besides Bard. Llama 2 has a great future, so it will only be a matter of time before bots based on this language model appear.

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