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Lemon8, the new application from the creators of TikTok, is now available.

Lemon8 is the new bet from the same creators of TikTok and already has millions of downloads. It is slowly becoming a trend, good news for ByteDance, the Chinese company behind this social network. The recent news about TikTok bans in different countries calls for an alternative plan, especially if it is restricted outright in the United States.

Although Lemon8 was launched only a few days ago, it is already a success with more than 4 million registered users. Many influencers have spread the word about this new social network, which is already very popular among young people.

What is Lemon8, the new social network from the creators of TikTok, all about?

Lemon8 is a combination of Instagram and Pinterest formats. The interesting thing about this platform is that it is not characterized by a single format; images, videos or texts can be used. Content can be created within the same platform thanks to the different filters and templates offered. The originality of Lemon8, and what differentiates it from other social networks, is that it allows to highlight products showing their price and the place where they were acquired. There is even the option to buy such products from the publications and obtain commissions for such sales.

Undoubtedly, Lemon8 can be a good alternative for brands to promote their products and make alliances with influencers. Lemon8 shares content related to fashion, beauty, travel and food. Like other social networks, it uses the TikTok algorithm for user recommendations.

Lemon8 is the direct competitor of social networks such as China’s Xiaohongshu which is very popular among young women. It was initially launched in Japan in 2020 and reached over 5 million users in East Asia.

Where does the popularity of Lemon8 come from?

The threat of the passage of the Restrict law that could ban the use of TikTok across the United States surely accelerated Lemon8’s plans. This could be one of the reasons why the diffusion of this new social network was wide.

The marketing campaign implemented was intensive in order to gain popularity quickly. Many influencers started talking about Lemon8, which generated a dizzying rise and millions of downloads in less than a month of its appearance in the United States. On Google Play for example, it surpassed 5 million downloads in just a few weeks and in Apple’s App Store it was among the top 10 free apps.

ByteDance’s goal is probably not to lose the millions of users on U.S. soil in the event that TikTok is banned. The truth is that there are currently three applications belonging to ByteDance in the United States, TikTok, Lemon8 and CapCut.

For the time being, the advance of Lemon8 has not generated alerts in the United States, although it remains to be seen what happens in the event that the Restrict law is passed. This would give the United States the power to ban any application it deems dangerous to national security, including Lemon8 because of its origin.