iOS 17: what’s new in the latest version of Apple’s operating system?

The most recent version of iOS 17, Apple’s operating system, can now be downloaded in its beta version, so the main new features can be known. One of the most interesting points is the appearance of features that had not been presented by the company at WWDC, the annual event for developers.

Similarly, there are features that were announced but will not arrive on launch day. These are functions that will probably need more time for development, so it is expected that they will be incorporated gradually into the new operating system.

The final version of iOS 17 will arrive in September, so there is time to make adjustments and fix bugs.

Access to the beta version is available to users, they only need to enter an Apple ID to download it.

What are the most interesting new features of iOS 17?

Screen distance

This is a new feature that will also come to the iPad, in addition to the iPhone. This is a very interesting feature, as it is intended to enable users to protect their eyesight. Through this function, the system will warn if the screen is too close to the eyes. For this, you must have Face ID, as it will be through these sensors that the distance between the user and the device can be detected. Once this function is activated, when the sensors detect that some time has passed with the screen too close, a warning will be displayed that will occupy the entire screen. The user will be asked to move the device away from the eyes in order to continue using the device.

Live Voicemail

This new feature in iOS version 17 performs real-time transcription of voice messages that are recording in the message box. This function also allows you to take the call while the person is leaving the message. According to Apple, the purpose of this feature is to allow the user to decide, based on viewing the transcript of the message, whether to take the call or not.

Incorporate passwords anywhere

This functionality offers the possibility to insert passwords and contacts in any text field. Just double-click and choose the Password or Contact option. In the case of passwords, it will open the iCloud keychain, the place where the user’s passwords are stored. Access to the key fob is by authentication via Touch ID or Face ID. In the case of contacts, the ability to complete web forms or send messages quickly is a very useful and practical feature.


What are the iOS 17 features that will not be available at launch?


Apple Collaborative Lists


The ability to assemble playlists between multiple users in Apple Music will be one of the new features that will not arrive at the official release of iOS 17. On the other hand, Crossfadem, the function that eliminates silences between songs, will be available.


Content transfer in AirDrop


The other new feature of iOS 17 to look forward to will be the ability to transfer content over the Internet. This functionality will allow to finalize the transfer to another device through the Internet, in those cases in which the user has to move away. This transfer will still have the same quality as if it were done device-to-device.

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