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How to get the best internet rate and a great service

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Are you looking for the perfect Internet line but don’t know which one to choose from the wide range available on the market? Pay attention to the following recommendations that will help you select the network line that best suits your needs.

How to contract the perfect Internet line for you

One of the keys is to contract a network line that fits your needs. In this sense, before choosing a proposal you should think about how many megabytes you need. To answer this, it will be necessary to look at the number of people living in the house, the m2 of the house in question, especially if it is a single-family house or similar, and the use that will be made of the network: for work, for leisure, etc.

For example, it is important to keep in mind that if you select internet packages with speeds up to giga, you will be able to do the same as with a 600Mb fiber, but it will allow several devices to be connected simultaneously without affecting the connection speed. This can be important if several people are teleworking or studying in the same house, if you work with large files, etc.

Do you want a cellular line?

It is likely that beyond a wifi connection you also want a mobile network line that will allow you to fully enjoy, for example, your
Samsung smartphones and cell phones
. In this case, beyond looking for a suitable wifi network, you will have to look at the packages that also offer mobile tariffs. Choosing the amount of megabytes will depend, once again, on how much you expect to use them.

Value for money

There is currently a wide range of operators offering very attractive wifi and mobile line tariffs. It is important to select an option that suits your needs, is of high quality and is also attractively priced. To do this, it will be as simple as comparing all the options currently available and discarding the ones that least fit what you are looking for to narrow down your search until you can finally make the selection you were hoping for.

Do you have any special request?

Sometimes you are looking for a network service for a second home, you also want to contract television packages or other services. If you also have any needs in this regard, you will have to find out what the operator in question offers you.

Tricks to improve your Internet connection

Beyond knowing the importance of contracting an Internet speed according to your needs, it is important to know some simple tricks to follow that will allow you to improve your Internet connection.

Place the router in the best position

Not all parts of a house have the same Internet connection. In this sense, it is important to place it in the best spot so that the WiFi signal can reach it better and so that you can surf the Internet faster. To do this, it will sometimes be necessary to change the orientation of the router, of the devices that capture the Internet signal and to check for obstacles.

As far as possible, it is important to be aware that the router should be installed in a central area of the house so that there is good coverage in all directions and parts of the house, or at least, if this is not always possible, it should be placed in the area where you spend the most time online. In addition, either the mains cable itself or the connection plug to the socket should be as short as possible.

It should also be remembered that, as far as possible, the router should be placed in a high place, such as on a shelf or table, so that a better connection speed can reach rooms that are further away from the area where the router is located.

Avoid interference

There are a number of electronic devices, such as microwave ovens, that emit electromagnetic waves that interfere with the quality of the router’s WiFi signal. Therefore, the router should be moved as far away as possible from certain points such as the bases of cordless telephones, video devices, etc.