Google’s artificial intelligence to be integrated into its search engine

It seems that Google’ s artificial intelligence has gone all out. In addition to the announcement a few days ago of the launch of Bard to the public, the company will now integrate artificial intelligence tools directly into the search engine.

Surely the impact of ChatGPT has accelerated the company’s plans for artificial intelligence. The main objective of this integration with the search engine is to offer more natural and intuitive answers and to expand search possibilities.

Although Bard was presented under its own website, it seems that this will not be for long. At the moment the AI includes a button to go to Google but it is independent and has no interaction with the search engine. Currently, the use of Bard is restricted to users in the United Kingdom and the United States, although it is expected that it will soon be available to everyone.

Google’s artificial intelligence could completely change the search experience

According to statements by Google CEO Sundar Pichai, the inclusion of artificial intelligence tools would boost the search engine’s ability to answer queries.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, he confirmed that they will be incorporating LLM language models into Google search. Users could interact directly with artificial intelligence, just as they do today with ChatGPT. This change to the search engine, in Pichai’s words, could change the traditional link-based search experience.

For the time being, artificial intelligence tools were incorporated in some Gmail functions and in the Android app Al Test Kitchen. The latter allows users to interact with LaMDA 2, a more advanced artificial intelligence chatbot.

Despite all of Google’s advances and plans with artificial intelligence, Pichai was cautious, as projects that include it are high risk. For now, Google’s biggest source of money is still advertising, although it considered that chatbots do not represent a threat, but an opportunity.

Bard, Google’s artificial intelligence, continues to make mistakes

Although Bard’s launch is recent, there is already news of the mistakes it is making. As was the case with ChatGPT, there are many so-called hallucinations, i.e. information and data without any meaning. During Bard’s presentation, the AI also gave an erroneous piece of information, which generated a drop in the value of the company’s shares.

We will have to wait for the publication of this tool to see its results. In addition to the so-called hallucinations, Bard endorsed conspiracy theories, offering false and also controversial content.

During its presentation, Google stated that restrictions were implemented to avoid errors and also, sources were always cited, this being one of its advantages. However, it seems that the answers given by Bard are based on a single source, rather than balancing the information. Something that seems even more serious is that many of the sources cited are not saying the same information that Google’s artificial intelligence is spreading.

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