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Google Maps incorporates AI assistant

Artificial intelligence tools have also reached Google Maps. The app par excellence for routes and roads now has a voice assistant with more advanced technology and artificial intelligence algorithms. The search engine decided to incorporate its voice assistant and replace the traditional voice recognition of Google Maps, which has several limitations due to the passage of time.

The objective of this new addition is to offer users a more intuitive and fluid search. The needs of users demanded a more complete voice assistant and that is what this new update aims to achieve.


What are the new features that the new assistant with artificial intelligence will bring?


The new Google Maps assistant that incorporates artificial intelligence seeks to facilitate the use of the application for users. Thus, by opening the application and touching the microphone, the assistant will display suggested topics to ask questions. The advantage of using algorithms based on artificial intelligence will allow the assistant to improve its accuracy in understanding the language. A frequent complication for Google Maps users is the difficulty the application had in recognizing words when giving directions. This update is expected to make the assistant more efficient in processing information.

In addition to this improvement, there is also a driving mode within the Google Maps voice assistant. By having this mode activated, users will be able to operate their device through different voice commands. In this way, it will be possible to make calls, send messages or any other activity just by giving instructions to the assistant.

These new features will be coming soon to Google Maps. It should be noted that the update will be available for devices running Android version 9.0 or higher.


Immersive View, another new feature of Google Maps also powered by AI



Another interesting new feature of Google Maps is the immersive view. This is a tool developed with artificial intelligence through which you will be able to visit certain places in 3D and even enter some emblematic buildings. The tool, called Immersive View, uses Street View images and also aerial photographs to give users a sense of immersion. With the help of artificial intelligence, it fuses the images to assemble what Google called the digital map of the world. It is also possible to visualize the places and their changes in different climatic situations.

This new Google Maps feature shows only some cities and landmarks. It was available for London, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo and San Francisco. Now Florence, Dublin, Venice and Amsterdam have also joined the list, as well as some 500 landmarks around the world, such as Big Ben in London and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

To get to know this experience, simply open Google Maps and choose a landmark or one of the cities listed. The Immersive View option will open and must be tapped to start. To display the different scenarios according to the weather, select time and weather and scroll the lower control.