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First “full-screen” iPhone to arrive in 2024

Different iPhone specialists have been suggesting that the first full-screen device would arrive by 2024. For some analysts, the iPhone Pro 16 would arrive with big changes. Both the front camera and Face ID would be located below the display.


back view of an iPhoneThese predictions made are linked to different comments that were made about Apple and the new devices with under-screen fingerprint readers. Touch ID has been in high demand over the “use of masks”. Face ID had many complaints at the time of its appearance, something that has been diminishing.

iPhone and a complete turnaround

For many users of Apple devices, the experience with Face ID has been good. However, questions continue to be raised about living without Touch ID under the screen. The most interesting thing is to know how the people from Cupertino will do with this initiative.

It does not seem straightforward to place a front camera under the display. Situation that had been presented as a prediction for this year’s iPhone 14. Since 2021, particularly November, when a first review was made, the technology has undergone considerable improvements.

However, there is still a long way to go before the quality of unobscured lenses can be matched. Some specialists point out that they are very good if they are not used for selfies or Zoom calls. Devices such as ZTE and Xiaomi have been having problems with video quality and real-time processing.